Your physical fitness has a big impact upon how you feel about yourself and how much effort your body has to expend in order to keep working. Lack of physical fitness has supposedly reached an epidemic proportion in America, though the truth is that Americans are obsessed with physical fitness. TV doctors and celebrities make a fortune by selling fitness videos and books to the public. Unless you’re planning to buy them all and use them as weights to lift up and down every day, none of these will ever do your physical fitness any good at all.

The best way to improve your physical fitness is to incorporate regular activity into your daily routine. It isn’t necessary to take out a full membership at your local gym, or even attend one exercise class. What it does mean is choosing an activity that increases your heart rate or improves your strength and general flexibility. Walking a few more blocks, doing some gardening or housework, and climbing the stairs are all examples of something that can fit quite easily into your routine, but which can also increase your physical fitness. Taking the elevator, driving the car to the shop at the corner of your street, and spending more time in bed are all things that will not improve your fitness level.

A healthy lifestyle won’t be a fad or something that you’ll do ‘next year’. It should be on your daily to-do list all year, not just as a New Year Resolution that you never intend to keep. Once you start on an exercise regime you’ll keep it going for the rest of your life, or your physical fitness will be lost and you’ll have to start all over. Without regular exercise, the muscles reduce and fat takes its place. Muscles don’t become fat, they just move over to make more room for it if they aren’t used. It’s important to choose a regime that will keep you interested in the long term. Every year has a new fitness fad, but most people who start discard them after a few weeks. Instead, choose something that you enjoy. If the thought of stepping up and down on a plastic board fills you with scorn, then you might try something else. Martial arts is always popular, and a physical fitness regime that incorporates some kind of team sport will also help keep you interested.

Physical activity everyday is the key to fitness, and that’s what’s important. Improving your physical fitness can provide you with more energy, and will help you feel more positive about yourself.