Climbing stairs is a great work out. Few other exercises can compare to the cardiovascular benefits and the wonderful way it quickly sculpts your thighs, hips, calves and rear end. However, not everyone has their own sets of stairs they could use for their workout. Enter the stair stepper, or step machine – a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to climb stairs whenever, wherever and enjoy the intense workout that comes with it.

Different Types of Step Machine

There are several different types of stair steppers. While each of them will provide the user with an outstanding workout, the difference lies in what each machine offers. You can choose the right type depending on your workout needs, your budget, and what’s available to you.

Most commonly seen in the gym, the traditional stair stepper machine is a bigger piece of equipment that usually has a digital display, different workout programs, side rails, and other features like a water bottle holder. You can electronically program different resistances, inclines, and other variables to provide the best work out possible.

Mini step machines are the smaller version of the gym machine and are portable due to their small size. They generally only have accommodations for the feet and not the hands. The benefit of these is that they don’t take up much space, but they might not be as effective.

Side step machines work a different set of muscles in the legs. Instead of the usual knee lift motion, the side step machine enables the user to step from side to side, engaging the inner and outer thigh muscles.

Twist stepper machines engage the abdominal muscles as well as the lower body muscles by having the user turn from side to side as they step. Exercisers who use twist steppers can also work their upper body by including an arm workout routine while they step.

There are also sports mini steppers that have bungee bands that allow the exerciser to condition their arms through strength resistance while stepping. These sports steppers are also fairly lightweight and portable, making them easy to take to work or to move them from room to room while at home.

All the stepper machines work in the same way to burn calories: by focusing on your leg and rear end muscles and by providing varying levels of resistance, the person exercising is able to quickly accelerate their fat loss as well as condition their cardio vascular system.