It seems like there’s an increasing awareness among people of the importance of maintaining good health, as well as how our current lifestyles aren’t generally all that good for our health. Sitting at a desk for most of the day, with activity rarely going much beyond reaching for the telephone – or cookie jar! – doesn’t do much for our bodies. Pedometers and other tracking devices are an ideal way to combat this, which explains their rapid increase in popularity.

The Striiv Smart Pedometer is a unique tracking device that competes directly with the likes of Fitbit. However, it has its own special features that separate it from the rest of the crowd. But how well does it really do its job? Let’s take a look.

Key Specs For The Strriv Smart Pedometer

  • Type of Device: Pedometer (with extra activity tracking)
  • RRP: $119.95
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Size: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Wireless Internet Data Upload? No
  • Battery Life: 5-6 days

Striiv Smart Pedometer: The Pros

Tracks A Range Of Information: Standard pedometers do little more than track the number of steps you take. If that’s all you need for your motivation, then good for you! But you’ll also be missing out on some useful information that devices like the Striiv Smart Pedometer offer.

Not only does the Striiv track steps, but it also monitors stairs climbed, calories burned and minutes of activity. These are really useful. Stairs climbed is a very different, and more intense, kind of activity to typical walking and so it’s important not to count stairs climbed among steps taken. It’s also great to have an indication of the calories you’re burning, as well as how much time you’ve spent being active.

Color Touch-Screen: One thing that really makes the Striiv different from other products like the Fitbit is the color touch-screen display. This is a really great addition that offers a range of benefits and really taps into the modern consumers interest in touch-screen technology.

Having bright colors and all kinds of visual feedback from the device itself is a great bonus, and really adds a lot to the user experience of the Striiv.

Games Powered By Walking: To make walking a more enjoyable activity, the Striiv offers a range of entertaining games that make use of walking in order to progress. This isn’t just good for kids, but works well for adults too. A game adds an extra competitive streak to using the Striiv that really encourages you to work harder.

Your Work = Donations To Good Causes: One of the best features of the Striiv is its goal-based motivation, and nowhere is it done better than in the charitable donation concept. The Striiv sets you tasks which, when achieved, result in your choice of a donation of water to a South American family, a polio vaccine or contributions to saving the rainforest that combats global warming.

Striiv and their business partners make these donations themselves, for free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by working your ass off and getting those results!

View Your Data Without A Computer: While some devices need you to connect to a computer before you can view your data, the Striiv’s screen makes it possible to view various graphs that illustrate your progress while you’re on the go. This is a really great feature, and is excellent for those who don’t want the added complication of using a computer in monitoring their achievements.

Continual Feedback: Thanks to the built-in display, you can get feedback on your activity continually, wherever you go. This is a great form of motivation that’ll really encourage you to keep active.

Motivation: Although motivation has been mentioned already, it’s really important to stress just how motivational this product is, and what makes it so motivational. The key to the Striiv’s unique power of motivation is the combination of personal goal setting and reward that it offers.

The Striiv learns your routines and comes up with challenges for you to undertake. Successfully completing these challenges earns you trophies, points, lets you get further in the games and allows you to contribute to charity. In fact, what the Striiv really does is turn the whole process of walking into a game, and that makes it incredibly motivating.

Striiv Smart Pedometer: The Cons

Freezing: Unfortunately, the Striiv isn’t without its problems. One commonly reported problem is screen freezing. The device will sometimes just stop responding, and either takes a long time to unfreeze, or requires a reset. This might result in the loss of your stored data in some cases, which can be an additional disappointment.

Instruction Manual: Although the Striiv isn’t a really complicated device, it would be nice if there was a reasonable instruction manual included in the box. As it stands, for anything beyond the most basic information, you need to go online and visit Striiv’s website to answer your queries or trouble-shoot.

Durability: In line with the freezing issue, there have been some user complaints regarding the product’s durability. It’s impossible to make a true judgement on this kind of thing, but suffice to say that there are a fair number of user reports mentioning product faults cropping up after a month or two. It’s good to be aware of the possibility that there might be a problem.

Is The Striiv Smart Pedometer Worth Buying?

The Striiv is a remarkable little product that’s capable of turning walking into a game. This is the ultimate motivation, and therefore gets great results. However, the device is slightly let down by reliability issues, and doesn’t offer quite as much data tracking as some of its rivals. However, if you’re looking for something that’ll really get you on your feet and moving more, and are willing to overlook some possible problems with reliability, then this is a fantastic product and well worth the money.

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