There is a lot of confusion about the body building industry in general and what you need to do to promote lean muscle growth. In fact, these misconceptions are often reasons given by people who simply have no desire or intention to improve their physical well being. If you’re one of the serious contenders, then you need to understand the facts so you can refute these false rumors. Here are some of the more prevalent points of confusion.

Myth #1: In order for rapid muscle growth to occur you have to work out for several hours each day.

The fact is that a man’s body just doesn’t benefit from hours of strenuous exercise. After the first hour his level of testosterone drops. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for promoting muscle growth and burning up fat calories. On the other hand, your muscle building hormone enemy, cortisol, kicks into high gear when you over train. Cortisol is the hormone that causes you to store body fat and encourages the loss of muscle. This is one time when doing more work doesn’t help your cause at all.

Myth #2: When body builders stop weight training their muscle turns into fat.

First, you have to recognize that muscle and fat are two completely different tissue masses. Believing that muscle turns into fat is like believing glass turns into wood. Just think about what happens when a body builder stops working out. First, their training is cut back or stopped. This means that their muscle growth stops and in fact, muscle starts to atrophy, or shrink. Their metabolism slows down and they burn fewer calories. Along with this their diet may return to bad dietary habits. What really is happening is that the muscle is shrinking and is replaced by fat mass. Muscle does not turn into fat.

Myth #3: Your fat turns into muscle when you weigh train.

See #2 item above. Fat and muscle have two completely different tissue structures. When you combine aerobics, weight training and a better diet, your body grows more muscle than it does fat. Fat does not turn into muscle.

Myth #4: You can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise.

When you consume more calories than you burn, those calories turn into fat. If you exercise 8 hours a day and burn up 13,000 calories, but spend 3 hours eating and drinking 14,000 calories, those extra 1,000 calories turn into fat. Whatever you don’t burn off turns is stored as fat.

Those are the top myths most heard by professional body builders.