Working out is not something that you can cram in at the last minute and focus on only once or twice a year. Sporadic workouts done with great intensity are a sure way injure yourself. You won’t achieve any health or fitness either.

So what do you need to make your workouts a habit?

  • A better work out program?
  • A gym membership?
  • Better exercise equipment?
  • A personal trainer?

The key to building a habit is consistency. If you want the results that working out will give, then you must make working out a regular part of your day.

Enjoy yourself. Unbreakable habits always begin as something that’s fun and brings pleasure. You have to maintain a consistent work out plan to keep your body running smoothly. Why not make it something you’ll enjoy? Any doubts you have about the progress you’re making will go away because you’ll be having too much fun.

Don’t be in a mad rush to reach a perfect fitness goal. Instead, make your goal a commitment to work out regularly. Be committed to working out and enjoying the process, and eventually you’ll meet a practical fitness goal.

After a month or two, you’ll feel funny if you miss a workout. It won’t be a chore. It will be part of your day. As a side benefit, you’ll feel great!

You can change the type of workout you do any time. Stick to your goal of consistent workouts. You might want to have sub-goals like better stamina, stronger muscles, flatter abs or whatever, but keep your sights on keeping your workout habit.

If you make working out a habit you enjoy, you will end up keeping it the rest of your life.