Have you grown out of your childhood dislike of vegetables?

The recommended amount of fruits and veggies is five to nine servings a day. How many servings do you eat each day?

The nutritional goodness of fruits and vegetables, along with a diet that is low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, may decrease the risk of developing certain diseases.

If you don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in your diet, one alternative is what’s called “green drinks.” These powdered drink mixes are a natural source of vitamins and minerals.

A great tasting brand of green drink is Enzymatic Therapy from Earth’s Promise. With a combination of 20 vitamin-rich ingredients, one glass of Enzymatic Therapy provides the essential nutrients and fiber your body needs to enhance energy, support digestion and boost the immune system. It’s also laboratory-tested for purity, safety and performance and meets the highest manufacturing standards.

Earth’s Promise Enzymatic Therapy is sweetened with stevia, and comes in delicious Strawberry-Kiwi flavor. It has more vegetables and fiber than any other leading super greens drink, and makes it easier to support a healthy lifestyle.