With the Body Rider BRD2000 you can enjoy a full body workout without having to go to the gym, spend time in traffic or waiting for a machine at the gym. You can also enjoy the benefits of this elliptical while sitting down. This is a great feature for those who aren’t quite in shape enough to spend much time on their feet. As you progress and get in better shape, you can use the seat less and stand up more. Or you can do interval training of times spent sitting down to workout and times you spend standing, just rotate to help build up your stamina and endurance.

Product Features:

  • Use as elliptical or exercise bike
  • Tension adjustments
  • Electronic console to track calories burned, speed, distance, etc.
  • Fully adjustable seat; vertical and horizontal

If you have bad joints, such as in the knees, you’ll be happy to know this unit contains a chain-driven fan-wheel. This allows quiet and smooth movement which has very low impact on your knees.

Keeping up with how many calories you burn, your speed and distance is easy with the on-board electronics console that helps you track your progress during each workout.

Elliptical machines offer smooth and fluid motion on your lower body while building strength in the arms with the use of the handle bars. You really can get a total body workout that is easy on you. The Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer is also easy on your pocketbook and offers a lot of the features you’d expect to pay for a higher priced machine. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars investing in an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike separately. With this 2-in-1 unit, you not only save money, but you save space as well with one unit. This makes this an excellent choice for people who live in an apartment or only has a small space to spare for exercise equipment.

Most customers have been happy with their purchase. The main complaints are it seems most suited to short people who have a short stride and the other big complaint was the bolts coming loose. This can be expected on anything that has movement involved. You can use something like lock-tite or get some lock washers to help add stability, or simply maintain the equipment and tighten the bolts from time to time.

Here’s what some of the customers had to say:

  • “I started out about 220 lbs when I got it and it is very sturdy! There are issues with the handles getting loose, so if you use it daily, re tighten the handles every month.”
  • “It is small so it doesn’t take up much space. Also it is easy to use and adjust.”
  • “I continue to routinely check and tighten all bolts. I think this is key to keeping the machine well maintained and will help prevent damage to both the bike and potentially me.”
  • “I have been using it for about a month. This has the functions that I needed, not too extreme. Just a very good basic exercise machine, reasonably priced, sturdy enough for my needs.”
  • “The tranier is great I have lost 37 lbs with the trainer, the seat is a little uncomfortable but makes you stand up and work harder.”

All in all, if you’re looking for a dual use machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space or cost you an arm and a leg, this is a great starter piece of equipment. You shouldn’t expect the same quality machine as you’d find in a gym as they spent thousands of dollars on equipment. However, this is a good product for at home workouts or when you can’t get outdoors due to bad weather.