Before making a commitment to juice you should be aware of the following five drawbacks of taking part in this trend.

Juicing is a current trend that has resurrected itself in the health and wellness population, as many people want to live a healthier life and manage a healthy weight for themselves and/or children. There are others who believe that juicing is just a trend that will soon lose its popularity and eventually disappear from the market.

Regardless of your situation, before making a commitment to juice you should be aware of the following five drawbacks of taking part in this trend.

  1. Looking for the Easy Way Out. To eat a healthier diet to avoid illnesses and diseases, or to better your overall weight loss goals, juicing may seem like a quick answer. We should all know better, and realize that juicing alone is not going to give us everything we need. Yes, a juice fast is a good way to cleanse the system, but in the long term you need to combine regular juicing with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  2. Loss of Satiety. Juicing removes the pulp of the fruits and vegetables; thereby removing one of the most important ingredients for satiety – fiber. Fiber is what keeps your hunger down until your next meal, which should be between every two to three hours for approximately six meals per day.
  3. Cost. If you’re going to get into juicing then be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on fresh ingredients. Juicing will use up more fruits and vegetables than you would be able to eat normally, plus you have to pay out for the cost of a juicer to begin with, and these can cost several hundred dollars or more.
  4. Lack of Pasteurization. Juice and milk go through a pasteurization process that kills dangerous organisms. If you are juicing, there a precautions that you need to take for your safety. You should thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables with soap and water or with a specialized food cleaner. Once the fruit and vegetables are juiced, it needs to be consumed immediately for food safety.
  5. Increased Absorption of Fructose. As juicing removes fiber from both fruit and vegetables, what happens is that your body will begin to absorb the fructose in these foods. This occurrence is directly related to disturbing your normal blood sugar levels. It is important to pay attention to early signs of a reaction to juicing, especially if you have an underlying health condition.

Like everything else in life, it is important to look at the pros and cons of any new or resurrected health plan, as not everyone has the same reaction.