If you’re ready to to improve your fitness, jogging is a really good option. Here are 4 top tips for getting started with running.

Why Jogging?

If you want to kick start your exercise routine, jogging is a fantastic option. You don’t need to pay for any classes or memberships. You don’t need any special kit, just a good pair of running shoes. It allows you to get some fresh air and you can increase the pace at a rate with which you are comfortable.

Jogging has a wide range of health benefits. It improves your cardiovascular fitness, reduces your heart disease risk, improves your mental fitness, strengthens your immune system and much more.

Jogging Tips

  1. Get A Good Pair Of Running Shoes A good pair of running shoes can make or break your run. They can help you avoid injury, reduce the impact of jogging on your feet, legs and joints and maximize your performance. Before you get started jogging make sure you invest in a good pair of running shoes. Try a few on and pick a pair that fits you well, is comfortable to wear and has a good level of cushioning in the sole.
  2. Get A Good Jogging Playlist On one hand jogging is great for getting away from it all and being alone with your thoughts. On the other hand it can get very lonely when you are out there on your own and the weather is cold, dark and miserable. Make sure you bring some of your favorite tunes along to keep you motivated along the way.
  3. Dress For Cold Weather This is a myth: “you’ll warm up once your blood starts pumping”. If you go out jogging in cold, windy, wet weather wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, then you’ll come back very cold no matter how hard you work. If it’s cold or wet outside make sure you dress accordingly. Waterproof tops and windbreakers are great ways to protect against the weather without weighing yourself down too much. Hats and gloves are also highly recommended in cold weather.
  4. Make Sure You Rest When you start a new exercise routine it’s very easy to get carried away and do too much all at once. Even if you’re very motivated to hit the road, make sure you have at least two days off from running each week. Jogging is a high impact exercise so you need to give your joints and legs time to recover. Otherwise you’ll significantly increase your risk of injury.

Jogging is a great way for getting started with fitness. It’s cheap, it’s fun and it’s effective.