Bodyweight training is a fantastic way to get started with fitness. You can do it whenever you like and you can do it within the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need any equipment, although some equipment can really enhance your workout. Bodyweight training is worth considering. Here are some tips to get started.

Why Bodyweight Training?

The most obvious advantage of bodyweight training vs traditional strength training is the cost. If you join a gym you have to pay membership fees. Even if you go to the cheapest gym in town you’re looking at a minimum annual cost of $300. If you decide to train at home with your own weights then you have to invest in a bench, a set of dumbbells and a barbell. You can do bodyweight training without any equipment. Even if you do purchase some bodyweight training equipment it’s still a lot cheaper than joining a gym or buying your own weights.

Bodyweight training is very flexible, so if you have a busy lifestyle it’s perfect. Whenever you have 15-20 minutes free you can slot in a training session. If you have more time free you can extend your training session.

    Bodyweight Training Tips

    While bodyweight training is a very good exercise, it can be difficult getting started. You have to learn all the moves yourself and it can be a struggle coming up with exercises for certain areas of the body. For example, how many shoulder workouts can you think of that use just your own bodyweight? If you follow the tips below you should have plenty of success:

    1. Get FitDeck Bodyweight You don’t need any bodyweight training equipment but certain pieces of kit can really enhance your workout. FitDeck Bodyweight is one of these pieces of kit. It’s a set of 56 cards, with each one containing a different bodyweight exercise. It makes your entire bodyweight workout a whole lot easier as you don’t have to think about the exercises; they’re all available on the cards.
    2. Create A Bodyweight Training Schedule One of the big benefits of bodyweight training is its flexibility. You can do it at a time that suits you best and workout for as little or as long as you like. However, if you don’t plan to fit bodyweight training into your week you’ll probably never do it. You need to create a weekly schedule that details exactly when you will do your bodyweight workouts so that you don’t start slacking.
    3. Get A Chin Up Bar Technically, you can do chin ups from your door frame without a chin up bar. Using a bar makes chin ups easier and safer. You can pick up a good quality chin up bar from Amazon for a very low price, and this is another piece of kit that can seriously enhance your training.

    If you want to get fit, bodyweight training is a great way to get started while keeping your costs down. Even if you choose to invest in a chin up bar and FitDeck Bodyweight it’s still one of the cheapest options around. Give it a go and start enjoying gym free workouts.